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DocVerde Consulting, LLC Products and Services


DocVerde Consulting, LLC is here to service the needs of individuals and organizations to highly equip both for the needs of an ever-changing society.. Our agency representatives have a variety of experiences ranging from business marketing and branding strategies for both individuals and organizations, book publishing and printing, and certainly the engagement and empowerment of all students ranging from K-12 to higher education!

​Our varied experiences are what make our firm unique and thus help to aid us in helping you become successful. Our mission encompasses the effective delivery of services to meet the needs of everyone; hence the slogan “Real Solutions to Complex Challenges". The goals of DocVerde Consulting, LLC are interconnected at their core to provide effective and essential services and products.

Our main focal points of expertise as we seek to provide you with exemplar products and services are:

  • Leadership Training and Development for individuals, groups, and organizations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Special Project Consultations/Management

  • Book Ideas and Concepts for Authors

  • Student Empowerment and Engagement Workshops

  • Newly added Travel and Excursion Planning Expertise as well

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