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About DocVerde


Dr. Calvin Green, affectionately known as DocVerde, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas in a single parent household. DocVerde had ALWAYS been destined for greatness. Life for him truly has not been a crystal stair, but certainly many plenty of crooked paths straightened on his behalf! As an only child growing up in a single parent household raised by his mother, he was always different from other children. Dealing with bouts of body image, low self esteem, feelings of abandonment by his father, and a host of other things caused him to push himself innately towards pursuing excellence.

An African American first  generation college student, he became the first in his immediate family to attend college. As the last of six grandchildren, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Paul Quinn College, a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education degree from Towson University, and a Doctoral degree in Higher Education Leadership from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Upon relocating to the Baltimore area, he realized that he truly had a calling from God to empower our most valuable resource, the youth of today’s society. He answered the call to teach at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts where he was not only a teacher but created and implemented the Distinguished Young Gentlemen’s mentoring group for young men to become empowered academically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.

While serving as the Dean of Students at Texas College, he was strategic and instrumental in creating a recruitment and retention model for African American males. This promising group known as Men of Valor and Excellence started with 15 young men and also became known by the acronym M.O.V.E. Originally this group was aimed at the successful retention and graduation of the institution's African American male population while being coupled with student empowerment and student engagement activities. However, with the addition of athletic sports such as football, soccer, golf, and baseball to the institution, in its second year this group grew 40 young men and not only included African American males, but also Caucasian and Hispanic males as well. What was once an African American male initiative quickly grew and became an ALL male initiative for the institution.

His research interests include K-12 education as well as higher education. To complement these two educational avenues, he has also placed importance not just on African American students but all students.  The student engagement, recruitment, retention, and ultimately the graduation of today’s student is key as we continue to expose them to leadership and servant leadership opportunities.

Dr. Green is also the Founder of Docverde Consulting LLC. This multifaceted consulting firm works with new and established authors who need publishing and printing help, also leadership training and development for individuals and organizations, and lastly special projects logistics and planning. He also hosts #DialoguesWithDoc weekly which provides a platform to empower and engage others on a host of various topics.

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